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2021-22 Arts and Sciences General Faculty Teaching Support

Sep 30, 2021

Application Deadline: November 8, 2021


All Arts & Sciences general faculty on the teaching track, currently in full-time, renewable multiyear appointments, are eligible to apply for this support. Preference will be given to those who do not have access to other forms of support for the project through their departments, the Office of the Dean, Learning Design and Technology, the Center for Teaching Excellence, or elsewhere. Preference will be given to faculty for whom teaching excellence is a key expectation of their position. Proposals aimed at developing inclusive teaching practices are welcome. Joint proposals from two members of the general faculty who meet the above criteria are also welcome. 

This grant may be used to support the following types of costs:  

  1. The invitation of collaborators related to a faculty member’s teaching to Grounds, whether virtually or in person. 
  2. The registration for virtual conferences (not involving travel) to present a paper, participate in a panel, or otherwise support a faculty member’s professional pedagogical development.  
  3. Projects designed to assess the effectiveness of a particular design practice or pedagogical technique on student learning or inclusive excellence. 
  4. Project expenses aimed at sharing a particular pedagogical approach or technique within the UVA community but beyond an individual class or field (ex: teaching-focused workshops, roundtables, learning communities, etc.) 


This grant may be not be used to support these types of costs:  

  • Preparation of manuscripts for publication and associated costs, such as subvention fees and image rights. 
  • Travel expenses for UVA faculty members. 
  • Funding for project activities that have already received support from other sources during this academic year.  
  • Grant writing or research assistance. 


Selection Process 

Please note that the application process is competitive. We expect to receive more applications than we can fund.  


Submission Process 

Please use the proposal template to prepare your proposal. You may download the template here.


Please save your proposal as one PDF document titled with your last name, first name, GFTS_Semester202x. Example: Doe_Jane_GFTS_Fall2021.


Responsibilites of the Recipient 

Deadline for Spending Funds 

The funding received in 2021-2022 AY must be spent by December 20, 2022. Any unspent funds will be returned at that time. 


Final Report 

All 2021-2022 recipients must submit a final report by January 19, 2023.  Failing to submit this report will result in a request to repay the support and will also jeopardize your ability to receive support in subsequent award cycles. 

Please upload your application by Monday, November 8, 2021. Extensions to the deadline will not be made. 

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