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  • Adding Color to the Corner

    Anchored by a single powerful verse from Rita Dove’s poem, “Testimonial,” the new mural is the latest addition to this lively stretch of University Avenue, offering a bright, colorful welcome to new and returning students.

  • UVA Biologist Developing 3-D Computer Model of a Full Animal, Cell by Cell

    Eyleen O’Rourke and colleagues are creating the first computer simulation of an entire living organism to better understand genetics, environment and disease.

  • College to Pilot Groundbreaking Curriculum Changes

    The new pilot program will emphasize open inquiry and reflection, shared intellectual experiences and synthesis and connection across disciplines and fields of knowledge.

  • UVA Students Find Wisdom, Motivation in Visit by Acclaimed Writer

    Caryl Phillips comes to UVA as the second Kapnick Foundation Distinguished Writer-in-Residence

  • Discovering the Juxtaposition

    Studying the social context and legacies of urban landscape design

  • Saving Cemaun Arapesh

    Visiting Scholar Jacob Sonin traveled 9,000 miles to Charlottesville to help Associate Professor Lise Dobrin and her students preserve Cemaun Arapesh, an endangered language spoken by a shrinking number of villagers on the north coast of Papua New Guinea.

  • Beastly Discovery

    For a thousand years, the societies of the Western world transmitted and preserved much of their written cultures on and between the skins of animals.

  • Pluto Up Close

    Two UVA planetary scientists weigh in on some of the dramatic images of Pluto and its moons sent from the New Horizons spacecraft.

  • College Faculty Lead Global Effort to Combat Religious Violence

    The Global Covenant of Religions puts Charlottesville at the center of an international network of 400-plus diplomats, scholars, religious leaders and students dedicated to addressing one of today’s most urgent issues.

  • Nau Center To Explore America’s Defining Conflict

    William Faulkner once famously wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” So it is with the American Civil War, and our new center will examine the conflict in all aspects – and how it continues to influence us today.