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  • Algal Blooms

    Working with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, A&S environmental scientists have created an online calculator for people to realize how their individual choices affect the health of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

  • Adding Color to the Corner

    Anchored by a single powerful verse from Rita Dove’s poem, “Testimonial,” the new mural is the latest addition to this lively stretch of University Avenue, offering a bright, colorful welcome to new and returning students.

  • UVA Biologist Developing 3-D Computer Model of a Full Animal, Cell by Cell

    Eyleen O’Rourke and colleagues are creating the first computer simulation of an entire living organism to better understand genetics, environment and disease.

  • College to Pilot Groundbreaking Curriculum Changes

    The new pilot program will emphasize open inquiry and reflection, shared intellectual experiences and synthesis and connection across disciplines and fields of knowledge.

  • UVA Students Find Wisdom, Motivation in Visit by Acclaimed Writer

    Caryl Phillips comes to UVA as the second Kapnick Foundation Distinguished Writer-in-Residence

  • Discovering the Juxtaposition

    Studying the social context and legacies of urban landscape design

  • Saving Cemaun Arapesh

    Visiting Scholar Jacob Sonin traveled 9,000 miles to Charlottesville to help Associate Professor Lise Dobrin and her students preserve Cemaun Arapesh, an endangered language spoken by a shrinking number of villagers on the north coast of Papua New Guinea.

  • Beastly Discovery

    For a thousand years, the societies of the Western world transmitted and preserved much of their written cultures on and between the skins of animals.

  • Pluto Up Close

    Two UVA planetary scientists weigh in on some of the dramatic images of Pluto and its moons sent from the New Horizons spacecraft.

  • College Faculty Lead Global Effort to Combat Religious Violence

    The Global Covenant of Religions puts Charlottesville at the center of an international network of 400-plus diplomats, scholars, religious leaders and students dedicated to addressing one of today’s most urgent issues.


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