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Graduation 2021

Departments and Awards

African American and African Studies

Department Website

Distinguished Majors Program

With Distinction

Rebecca Alemeyahu

Nara Holdaway

Ebenezer Sampong

Taylor Thompson

Highest Distinction

John Shimazaki


Reginald D. Butler Award for the Best Distinguished Majors Thesis 

Nara Holdaway

American Sign Language Program

Department Website

Minor in ASL

Madeline Grace Gamboa

Michelle Beth Hilado

Kenzie Mae Hampton

Linda Morgan Rogers

Laken Ray Stiltner

Hannah Tuten


Department Website

The Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the World is Family) Award, In Honor of Baba Ramdas Maharaj Ji and sponsored by The Ravindra S Khare & Family Fund

Margaret Harris (BA) 

John Favini (PhD)


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Phi Beta Kappa

Brian Edward Pfeifer 

Harrison Undergraduate Research Award

Emily Elizabeth Rounsley 

Marker Childs Pugsley Scholarship in Archaeology

Adrees Ahmad Basharmal

Caera Charmagne Davis 

Brianna Kay DeMan

Jordan Christopher Gaborik

Archaeology Program Digital Internship Award

Ashley Cristine Ban

Jordan Alexis Baker

Lydia Evelyn Cartwright

Jordan Christopher Gaborik 

Noelle Ulla Wobig 

Archaeology Program Outreach Award

Alexandra Michelle Schaul


Art History

Department Website

Distinguished Major Program

High Distinction

Frankie Mananzan

Best Thesis in Art History

Frankie Mananzan


Department Website


Lawrence W. Fredrick Award

Jordan Shroyer



D. Nelson Limber Award

Camryn Phillips

Vyssotsky Prize

Danny Devlin

McCullough Scholarship Award in Astronomy

Theo O'Neill



Department Website

Distinguished Majors Program 

Highest Distinction

Matthew Robert Grosse Armstrong

Olivia Marie Baker

Nnenna Audrey Ene

Ethan Sebastian Honeycutt

Mahima Sahadev Reddy

Kate Sheila Woods


High Distinction

Henry Newkirk De Hoyos

Claire Marie Haynes

Madison Olivia Kilgore

Tamara Cecilia Moscovich

Claire Elise Waterhouse



Alexander Chantima An

Tony Dani Asfour

Ashley Kathryn Hirt

Elizabeth Claire Minor

James Norman Dent Award

Omar Guessoum 

Andrew Fleming Award

Jennifer McDaniels 

Yu Yong 


Department Website

ACS  Section Award 

Julia Dressel

Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence

Fatima Choudhary

The American Institute of Chemists, Inc. Outstanding Senior

Evan Lyerly

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

Alyssa Montalbine

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

Julia Dressel

ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

Arad Jain

ACS Division of Physical Chemistry Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry

Austin Cheng

Oscar R. Rodig Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Award 

Kelly Isbell

Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Award 

Madelyn Sita

ACS Student Chapter Award

Alyssa Montalbine

Hugh Miller Spencer Scholarship Award 

Alyssa Price

Carl O. Trindle Award for Excellence in Chemistry

Sophie Breedveld

Frederick S. Richardson Award for Excellence in Chemistry

Rebecca Schelling

Robert G. Bryant Award for Excellence in Chemistry

Patrick Hart

Chemistry Departmental Award for Excellence

Daniel Tarr

Chemistry Departmental Award for Excellence

Tim Freeman

Francis Carey Undergraduate Teaching Award

Arad Jain

Robert Bryan Undergraduate Teaching Award

Tatiana Wirth

Robert Burnett Undergraduate Teaching Award

Julia Dressel

Chemistry Departmental Undergraduate Teaching Award

Mika Poblete

Chemistry Departmental Undergraduate Teaching Award

Emma Harrison

Chemistry Departmental Undergraduate Teaching Award

Maria Leondaridis

Chemistry Departmental Undergraduate Teaching Award

Lindsay Irwin

Chemistry Departmental Undergraduate Teaching Award

Alexa Bartels


Department Website

Marian W. Stocker Prize

James Paul Wilusz 

J.P. Elder Prize

Parker Ryan DiPaolo 

Anne Marye Owen Prize in Classics

Alexander Khang Nguyen

Kristin Marie Myers

Heather Louise Snowden 

Anne Marye Owen Prize in Greek

Jacob Daniel Caracciolo

Annika M. Reynolds 

Anne Marye Owen Prize in Latin

Claire LaFleur Bierly 

Creative Writing Program


East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Department Website

Phi Beta Kappa

Arad Jain
Chinese Lang & Literature Major

Kelsey Lee Schoeman
Chinese Lang & Literature Major

Japanese National Honor Society

Victor Anthony Yang
Japanese Lang & Literature Major

Nayel Hasan Ahmed
Minor in Japanese Lang & Literature                   

Adrian Thura Thinnyun
Minor in Japanese Lang & Literature

2021 Michiko N. Wilson Award Winner

Agatha Putrivia Tatang
Japanese Lang & Literature Major

Distinguished Major Program

Highest Distinction

Caitlin Kavanaugh Tierney
East Asian Studies Major 


Department Website

Distinguished Major with Highest Distinction

Su Sam Wang

Matthew Yorkilous

Distinguished Major with High Distinction

Cameron Scalera

Chang Margaret Cheng

Craig Epstein

Neil Mathur

Yutong Zhong

Distinguished Major with Distinction

Paniti Mongkonpathumrat

Kenneth G. Elzinga Award

Andrew Farquhar

Ben Artuso

Cameron Scalera

Rebecca Zhou

Russell Edwards

Su Sam Wang

Yiduo Carly Liu

Yilin Huang

Yutong Zhong

2021 Tipton R. Snavely Best PhD Thesis Award

Brett Fischer

Katya Khmelnitskaya

Goldman Sachs Scholar

Harry Gould

Mason Riffee

William Foulds

Best DMP Thesis Prize

Matthew Yorkilous

Best Policy Analysis Paper 2020

Neil Mathur

Duncan Clark Hyde Award for Academic Achievement

Camryn Schlim

Hazel Gu

John Zima

Kristy Bell

Matthew Pinson

Yuxun Zhang

Su Sam Wang

Yutong Zhong


Department Website

English Department Writing Prizes and Scholarships
2021 Winners


Wagenheim Prize for best literary essay by an English major

Claire Koeppen
“T. S. Eliot in 1930: Ash-Wednesday and ‘Baudelaire’”

Wagenheim Prize for best short story by an English major

Elliot Van Noy
“Men Disrupting Me in Nature"

Rachel St. Paul Poetry Prize for the best group of poems by an undergraduate

Siana Monet
“Spaces: A Poetry Collection”

Hannah Kahn Poetry Prize for best poem by a fourth-year English major

Elliott Carter
“Gender Reveal Party”
Honorable Mention: Audrey Parks, “Howard Finster Paints Charlottesville”

Hannah Kahn Prize for the best essay on poetry by an undergraduate

Caitlin Gerrard
"Diary in Dickinson: A Graphic Memoir"

Gosnell Prize for the best essay in a first-year writing class

Caroline Tyndall (instructor: Shalmi Barman)

Hailey Robbins (instructor: Maayan Ornath)

Undergraduate Prize for Community-Engaged Writing

Ali Jarrah

James de Marcellus

Sunny Miller

“Portrait of a Place: The Lawn in the Context of Protests”


The Academy of American Poets Prize for best poem or group of poems by a graduate student in English

Michelle Gottschlich
“Different Words for Sleep”

Balch Prize for the Best Master’s Thesis by a Graduate Student in English

Lisa Aguirre
“‘Freedom of the City of the Mind’: Charlotte Mason’s Plan for Literary Education for All”

Richard Milby
“‘The Art of Relations’: Working Towards Companion Pedagogy,”

Grant King (Honorable Mention)
“Queer Theory, Queer Practice, Queer Teaching: An Exploration of and Experiment in Queer Pedagogy”

Balch Prize for the Best Short Story by a Graduate Student in English

Catherine Walshak
“The Comet”

Thomas J. Griffis Prize for best essay by a first-year graduate student in English

Austin Benson
“Compilatio, Scribal Reading, and the Shared Middle English Texts of London, British Library, MS Harley 2253 and Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Digby 86.”

Thomas J. Griffis Prize for best essay by a graduate student beyond the first year

Annie Persons
“Print and Self-Possession in Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.”

Distinguished Majors Program

Jay Baker
"In the Centre of All Stands the Human Being": Constructing a Folk-Poetic Whitman

Emma Bradford
The Poet Prevails: Reinventions of Status and Self in Ben Jonson’s Masques

Torian Cook
“Am I Mixed Up Too Much, Am I Mixed Up Too Hard?” Collage in Bob Dylan’s Lyrics

Camryn Fischer
Inside Other America: Geographic and National Identification in Mary Noailles Murfree’s Appalachian Local Color

Lucy Hoak
Towards the Other: Empathy in James Joyce’s Dubliners

Claire Koeppen
Baudelaire, Eliot, and Original Sin: Diverging Poetics of Compassion and Faith

Aaron Rose
American Paradise, American Wilderness: Visions of New World Nature in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko and Mary Rowlandson’s Sovereignty and Goodness of God

Ebenezer Sampong
“When Home Is Where the Hatred Is:” Imagining Black Liberation in Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Bradley Sheen
The Usage of Acknowledgement in R.W. Fassbinder’s Berlin Alexanderplatz

Maille-Rose Smith
Hero, Resurrected and Reimagined: Silence, Slander, and Performative Chastity on the Renaissance Stage

Skylar Wampler
The Importance of Intimacy: A Look into the Self and the Other in Ross Gay’s Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude

Salem Zelalem
“How Can Black People Write About Flowers at a Time Like This?”: Poetics of Black Joy in Ross Gay, Lucille Clifton, and Terrance Hayes

Environmental Sciences

Department Website

Distinguished Majors Program

Highest Distinctions

Selina L. Cheng

Ryley S. Crow

Sarah E. Lang


High Distinction

Jacob S. Slawson

Mahlon G. Kelly Prize (2021)

Sarah E. Cox 

Hydrology Award (2021)

Wayne F. Dawson III

Maury Environmental Science Prize (2020)

Stephanie A. Roe

Graduate Ecology Award (2019)

Emma A. Cronin

Ellison-Edmonson Award (2019)

Jessica A. Flester

Trout Unlimited Award (2019)

Charles I. Scaife

Fred Holmsley Moore Teaching Award (2019)

Christina F. Buscher

Joseph K. Roberts Award (2018)

Amelie Berger

Graduate Ecology Award (2017)

Melissa Hey

Environmental Thought & Practice

European Studies 


Department Website

Graduation 2021

Distinguished Majors Program

High Distinction

Zola Proce


Chloe Suzman
“Le rôle de la race dans le droit constitutionnel: un[e] perspecti[ve] transatlantique” 

Casey Fishman
“La brutalité policière en France et aux États-Unis”

Slade Sinak
“Qu’est-ce que le fromage ? Comparer l’importance culturelle du fromage entre la France et l’Amérique”

Davidson prize

Katherine Knipmeyer
“Les caprices de la mode, chez les Français: Une Analyse brève de la satire de la mode présentée dans Lettres persanes.”

T. Braxton Woody Award

Jennifer Tsien

Intermediate French Maas Essay Prize

First Prize

John Lindsey “Un semestre au Québec”

Second Prize

Allison Shaia “Les différences: Cracher du feu à travers l’Océan Atlantique”

Germanic Languages & Literatures

Department Website

Distinguished Major Program

High Distinction

Stephen Artner

Global Studies


Human Biology

Human Biology DMP 

Highest Distinction 

Bell, Zoe 

Condlin, Emily 

Grob, Gabrielle 

Khan, Wafa 

McGonagle, Kathryn 

Noonan, Emily 

Stewart, Thomas 

Tran, Tuyet-Minh 

Van Cleve, Margaret 

High Distinction 

Castelly, Dorothy  

Martin, James  

May, Justin  

Paragas, Lea 

Ryan, John

Institute of World Languages

Department Website

Distinguished Undergraduate Award

Yuqian Chen

Marina Peebles

Jewish Studies

Latin American Studies


Department Website

Beinecke Scholar

Aldo Barriente
Aldo is the sixth Beinecke Scholar from UVA. He is a third year participant in our USOAR program and a linguistics and computer science major, and he is already an accomplished researcher of indigenous languages. The Beinecke supports graduate study for students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences
Featured in UVA Today


Media Studies

Department Website

Graduation 2021

Distinguished Majors Program

Highest Distinction

Leah Taylor

High Dinstinction

Kevin Baker

Andre Hirschler


Ben Andresen

Tessa Eggers

Bernard Mayes Award

Heather Thomas

Academic Achievement Award

Leah Taylor

Schuyler Guare

Medieval Studies

Mellon Indigenous Arts Program

Middle Eastern & South Asian Languages & Cultures


Department Website

Graduation 2021

Distinguished Majors Program


Isabella Tucker

High Distinction

Thomas Kehoe

Molly Strauchler

Highest Distinction

Amelia Bailey

Brent Davis

Tina Hashemi

Sophia Park

Brander Wyatt Morrison Prize 

Amelia Bailey

Tina Hashemi

Joyce Lee

Ethan Massey 

Veronica Merril

Molly Strauchler

Departmental Recognition Awards

Jacob Baker for his work in Songwriting and Experimental Technique in Recording and Production.

Grayden Brock for his work in the Songwriting course, including generous collaboration with other musicians.

Andrew Buckley for his work in African Electronic Music this semester; and for his composition “A Sea We Must Wade.”

Caitlin Catterton for her work in the Choral Arranging course

Cameron Church for his work in composition, including music for the New Music Ensemble.

Tina Hashemi for generously recording vocals for compositions by others; and for guiding the UVA Jazz Singers, which she co-founded, in a recording project.

Thomas Kehoe for accompanying Tina Hashemi’s Distinguished Major Project and for playing on many other small group and big band recordings.

Joanna Klansek for her work in music history, and for her work in the year-long Civic & Community Engagement course, “Musical Ethnography.”

Joyce Lee for her work in music history and theory.

Ethan Massey for his achievements with the orchestra and trumpet lessons.

Veronica Merril for her work in “Studies in 20th and 21st-century Music”; for her assistance to the University Singers and Chamber Singers in editing video material for virtual choir presentations; and for her contributions as President of the Miller Arts Scholars.

Stefani Mitrovic for her work in Songwriting, Make Beats, and Experimental Technique in Recording and Production.

Alexander Monaco for his work in songwriting.

Christopher O'Neill for his work in the courses “Curating Sound” and “Studies in 20th and 21st-century Music,” and for his achievements in acousmatic composition.

Sophia Park for her work in music history, and as a member of the Trio Sobrenna, to which I return in a moment.

Tyler Smith for his recorded performances in the Spring Tea Time recital; for his achievements in composition; and for his contributions as a section leader and soloist in the Band program.

Andrea Thompson, for her contributions as a section leader and soloist in the Band program.

Valentin Vila for his work as bluegrass guitarist and singer; and for achievement on drum set and hand drums.

Three graduating students worked on the Arts Board over the last three semesters, and arranged a successful residency of Arcadian Fire with live performances Amelia Bailey, undergraduate co-chair of the Board, Molly Strauchler; and Veronica Merril.

Sophia Park and Brent Davis were the violinist and cellist in the Trio Sobrenna. The group was together for four years. This spring they performed a full-length concert in OCH.

Neuroscience Graduate Program

Neuroscience Undergraduate Major


Department Website

Lewis M. Hammond Award

Riley Bragg 

Jessica Perry

B.J. Diggs Award 

Tyler Hess 


Department Website

Graduation 2021

Outstanding Undergraduate Major Award in Physics

Jillian Ticatch 

The Steven Thornton Award in Physics Undergraduate Research

Lingnan Shen, Advisor: Gia-wei Chern

2021 Outstanding Graduate Research Award in Physics

Shammi Tahura, Advisor: Kent Yagi

The Physics Community Leadership Award

Morgan Waddy

Political and Social Thought

Political Philosophy, Policy & Law

Department Website

Phi Beta Kappa

Ryan Buscaglia

Kiera Goddu

Emily Guice

Wagenheim Fellowship

Xiuan  Liu

William Lee Miller Award for Outstanding PST Thesis

Zachary Zamoff

Fulbright Scholarship (to Spain)

Zachary Zamoff


Department Website

Stevenson Prize for the best thesis for the Honors cohort 2021

Kevin Baker

Emmerich Wright Prize for the best Distinguished majors thesis for 2021

Abby Rose Groetsch

Allison J. Melloy Award for excellence in teaching

Damien John Robinson


Department Website

Albert Bandura Graduate Research Award 2020

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel 

American Montessori Society Thesis Award, First Place

Ian Becker

American Psychological Association (APA) Virtual Convention Grant

Ariana Rivens

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel 

Americas Center/Centro de las Americas Graduate Fellowship ($5,000), University of Virginia

Andrea Negrete

APA Dissertation Research Award

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel

APS Student Grant Competition ($500 - 100 IP+EF participants will be paid using the funds)

Johanna Chajes

Arts & Sciences Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Grant-$2,500

Zoe Sargent

Association for Psychological Science (APS)/Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel 

American Psychological Association (APA) and APAGS Virtual Convention Grant ($125)

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel

American Psychological Association Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Affairs Diversity Programs Professional Development Award ($1,000), University of Virginia

Ariana Rivens

Becky Boone Award

Katharine Daniel

Brain Awareness Week Outreach Grants Program through the Dana Foundation (1,500)

Johanna Chajes

CDPSI Funding for Week-Long Training in Bethesda, MD for July 

Meghan Costello

ClinicalIinternship 21-22

Miranda Beltzer (Cornell University)

Sarah Coe-Odess (Harvard Medical School)

Nauder Namaky (Brown University)

Co-Instructor of Record, Psychology of Inequality, University of Virginia, Department of Psychology with Co-Instructor: Jazmin Brown-Iannuzzi, Ph.D.

Stephanie McKee

Confrontation Goals (PIV grant)

Hyeonjin Bak

Cornell University, Cornell Center for Social Sciences Grant ($12,000)

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel

Council for Ethnic, Racial, and Cultural Affairs grant from the Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA)

Taina Quiles and Dr. Seanna Leath -- project titled, "Hope, resilience, and action: A qualitative exploration of critical consciousness and sociopolitical development among Black and Latinx adolescent girls."

Cultural Humility Study Grant

Jaclyn Lisnek

DDI Fellowship (Psychology Department Fall 2020)

Alexis Stanton

Dean’s MS-PhD Data Science Fellowship. The projectis titled: “Extensions and Application of the Robust Shared Response Model to Electroencephalography Data for Enhancing Brain-Computer Interface Systems”.

Andrew Graves

Distinguished Teaching Fellowship (Department of Psychology, UVA)

Ian Becker

Shannon Savell

Double Hoo Award

Diane-Jo Bart-Plange

Jessica Gettleman

Jaclyn Lisnek

Isabelle Moore

Kyshia Henderson

National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT)-1year of funding AY 2021-2022

Andrew Graves

Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

Janelle Billingsley 

Taina Quiles

Ford Foundation 2021 Predoctoral Fellowship Competition, Honorable Mention

Ariana Rivens

Graduate Student Excellence in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Award, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia 2021

Janelle Billingsley

Graduate Teaching Award

Shannon Savell

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel

Graduate Student Travel Award from the Motivation in Education Special Interest Groupin the American Educational Research Association to attend the organization’s 2021 conference.

Christopher Williams

GSAS Council Grant for HRV analysis software

Ian Becker

GSAS Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2020-2021

Hyeonjin Bak

Miranda Beltzer

Crystal Slane

GSASC Research Grant

Ian Becker

Katie Daniel

Jacob Goldstein-Greenwood

Guest Lecture for Prof Avery in Psych of Womenon Women & Mental and Physical Health “Women & Health” April 12, 2021

Shannon Savell

Huskey Graduate Research Exhibition Honorarium

Maria Larrazabal Carrillo

Cabell Williams

Inaugural Institute on Writing Instruction Award ($825)

Meghan Costello

INSAR Student and Trainee Award

Zoe Sargent

International Studies Office Graduation Award for Graduate Academic Excellence!

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel 

Jefferson Research Award

Elena Martynova

Jefferson Scholars Fellowship

Katie Daniel

Jessica Gettleman

Meghan Costello

Evan Giangrande

Jefferson Trust

Jaclyn Lisnek

Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Associate Virginia Washington Metro Regional Conference Finalist 2020

Minah Kim

Maury Pathfinder Graduate Prize

Meghan Costello

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Ilana Ladis

NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA predoctoral fellowship (2 years)

Catherine (Cat) Thrasher

P.E.O. Scholar Award ($15,000)

Miranda Beltzer

Pont Foundation SemiFinalist, $1,000Grant

Lamont Bryant

Power, Violence, and Inequality Collective and partially by the Clara Mayo funded project, "The Colorism in Context"

Diane-Jo Bart-Plange

Presidential Fellowship in Neuroscience (UVA Brain Institute, renewal from last year)Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Welcome Initiative Award

Joshua Danoff

Professional Development Award through UVA’s Graduate & Postdoctoral Diversity Programs

Andrea Negrete

Psychology Graduate Student Excellence In Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Award 2021

Janelle Billingsley

Raven Fellowship

Corey Pettit

Andrea Negrete

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel

Raven Honor Society Inductee

Diane-Jo Bart-Plange

Kyshia Henderson

Ariana Rivens

Shannon Savell

Alexis Stanton

Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS), Commendation

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel

Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Student and Early Career Council (SECC) Poster Competition Finalist and Strategic Plan Poster Winner

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel

SPSP Annual Convention 5K Run/Walk Social Media Winner

Quinn Hirschi

SPSP Climate Impact Small Research Grant

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel

Strategic Poster special designation from the Society for Research in Child Development for their poster, Childhood Roots of “Being Green”: Moral Judgments of Environmental Actions in Children and Adults.

Jessica Stern

Meltem Yucel

Tobias Grossmann

Amrisha Vaish

Student Affiliate to UNC-Chapel Hill's Center for the Science of Moral Understanding, directed by Kurt Gray.

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel

Student and Early Career Council representative to the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD).

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel 

Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) - First Place and The People's Choice Awards.  There were 700 votes!

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel 

Underrepresented Student Workshop Travel Award, The Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology

Janelle Billingsley

UVA Brain Camp –Jefferson Trust

Amalia McDonald

UVA President and Provost’s Fund for Institutionally Related Research

Quinn Hirschi

Virginia Education Science Training (VEST), University of Virginia’s School of Education and Human Development, funded by the Institute of Education Sciencesin the US Department of Education

Christopher Williams

Website Psych Research List -- Commendation from the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS)

Nazli (Meltem) Yucel 

Religious Studies

Slavic Languages & Literatures

Department Website

Pertzoff Award for excellence in Russian Studies

Katherine L. Viti


Department Website

Graduation 2021

Distinguished Major Program

Highest Distinction

Emily Rain Sabin

Haley Benjamin

Christine Siu

High Distinction

Taylor Thompson

Caroline Hallowell

Sociology Distinguished Major

Madeleine Peterson 

Best DMP Thesis Award

Emily Rain Sabin

Honorable Mentions

Haley Benjamin

Christine Siu

2021 Commonwealth Award

Swetha Kota

2021 Bierstedt Prize 

Su Yeone Jeon

2021 Sociology Department Graduate Student Teaching Award

Yen-Yu Lin

Spanish, Italian & Portuguese

Department Website

Graduation 2021

Distinguished Major Program

High Distinction

Colin Cantwell

Matt Pier


Ben Romero Salado

Catherine Addington 

Adam Cohn 

Alexa Jeffress

GSAS Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Summer Research Grant

Lauren Mehfoud

Scholars’s Lab Praxis Program for 2021-22

Susan Abraham

Summer internship by PhD+

Karina Baptista

Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship for 2021-2022

Caroline Whitcomb

ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship, University of Virginia Society of Fellows Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Mathilda Shepard

Giuliano Prize

Zachary Zamoff

Marie M. Giuliano Award for Italian

Adelaide Brooks

Heather Snowden

Lola Pelliccia Prize

Jenna Benzing

Mary Margaret Chalk 

Phi Beta Kappa


Adelaide Brooks



Kierra Goddu

Kelly Teresa Rohe

Alicia Yueyin Zheng

Elizabeth Jane Shelton

Shivani Priya Lakshman

Gabrielle Grob



Department Website

Women, Gender & Sexuality

Department Website

Graduation 2021

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Undergraduate Essay Award Winner

Paige Goldsmith

Zora Neale Hurston Graduate Essay Award Winners

Carrie Cifers

Katherine Churchill

Writing & Rhetoric Program