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Born to Write: Meet the Undergrad Who Has Already Published Three Fantasy Novels

UVA third-year student E.G. Radcliff knew she liked storytelling long before she could even read or write.

UVA Art Professor’s Photos of Wildfire Damage Reveal the Aftermath of Climate Change

The pine forests that William Wylie photographed in the Poudre Canyon of Northeast Colorado 30 to 40 years ago will never look the same again – especially after last year’s fire.


Here’s What It Takes to Do Good Science Under Pressure

Jan 10, 2022

Pandemic, war and environmental disaster push scientists to deliver quick answers. A UVA sociologist recently investigated how researchers maintain rigorous standards in difficult situations.

‘Physics Idol!’ Offers Students Alternative Method of Assessment in Popular Course

Jan 10, 2022

In the popular course “How Things Work,” physics professor Chris Neu has developed “Physics Idol!,” a new method for students to demonstrate their learning, modeled after the popular performance competition TV show, “American Idol.”

Award Recipient’s Research Focuses on Female Artists from the 1980s

Dec 21, 2021

Art history major Ansleigh Graeff focuses on the 1980s to champion the work of three female painters whose work she thinks was overlooked by the art world.


On the Necessity of Relational Ethics and Empathic Attunement for Data-Centric Technologies

Biomedical Data Science Seminar Series, Noon, Friday, January 21, Online 

Spring Semester 2022

Classes begin on January 19, 2022

UVA Affordable Housing Initiative Survey

Survey responses will be collected through January 31.

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