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Astronomer Kelsey Johnson Reflects on the Science Behind the Search for UFOs

Taking the step to infer that an object is extraterrestrial in origin requires evidence – and in science, there is a saying that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

Blazing a New Path

True to the spirit of a curriculum designed to inspire students to consider a variety of disciplines, members of the College’s Class of 2021 will put their innovative liberal arts educations to the test in a broad range of professional fields ranging from biology to economics, from sociology to songwriting.


When Pandemic Postponed Performances, D’earth Led His Musicians Into the Studio

Jun 29, 2021

What does a performance artist do in the middle of a pandemic? Student and faculty musicians in UVA's jazz program went into the studio.

Atmospheric Researcher Joins Ranks of UVA’s Astronaut Scholars

Jun 17, 2021

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation commemorates the legacy of America’s pioneering astronauts by awarding grants of up to $15,000 to students studying science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

Visions of a Cleaner World Inspire Two Sister Scientists

May 21, 2021

Family trips to Beijing had a profound impact on two sisters from Northern Virginia studying science at UVA, setting them on two different paths to the same goal.


UVA Democracy Biennial: Crises. Opportunities. Freedoms.

Karsh Institute of Democracy, Sept. 24-25, Online and John Paul Jones Arena

In-Person Admission Tours Are Back at UVA

Two rounds of tours are offered daily, in groups of 10. 

Fall Semester Plans

We're planning to return to in-person instruction, research, and residential life.