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What I Learned During My Summer Internship

Summer internships are a staple of the college experience. And for good reason – students have opportunities to apply academic knowledge in actual job settings, get a feel for how a career in a chosen field might look, and establish connections that could pay off with more permanent jobs after graduating.

School of Fish: UVA Grad Students Expand the Field of Neuroscience in Mentor’s Lab

In their immaculately kept tanks at the University of Virginia, the approximately 12,000 striped zebrafish, otherwise transparent, all look the same at first. But these zebrafish are both special and specialized.


A World Without Facebook? Professor’s New Book Explores Social Media’s ‘Prehistory’

Aug 09, 2022

Kevin Driscoll has traced the rise of online communication with a project that offers clues about the future of social media.

How Important Is Willpower to Breaking Your Bad Habits?

Jul 27, 2022

Research in the behavioral sciences suggests there are ways to make better choices, like cutting back on screen time, but a new study finds that those might not be as easy as they seem.

UVA Astronomy Student Joins Ranks of Astronaut Scholars

Jul 27, 2022

Astronomy-physics and statistics major Theo O’Neill explores star formation in nearby dwarf galaxies as an Astronaut Scholar.


Fall Arrival and Welcome

Fall 2022 Undergraduate Move-In, August 18 - 22

Annual UVA Arts Welcome Picnic

Learn about opportunities in the UVA Arts community. 6-8 PM, Sunday, August 28, Betsy and John Casteen Arts Grounds.

UVA Catalyst

Undergraduate program offers a portfolio of courses, skills, and experiences designed to help you flourish in work after graduation.

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