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Faculty Spotlight: Personal Odyssey Made Him View Disability Differently

Professor Christopher Krentz struggled to envision a future for himself after he began losing his hearing at the age of 9, but he came into his own after learning American Sign Language and making deaf friends.

Trees Are Heroes – More So Than We Ever Knew – in Climate Fight

While reducing greenhouse gas output is an important part of the global strategy to combat climate change, a new study finds that forest management may have an even bigger role to play.


A Time of Transition, Appreciation in the Dean’s Office

May 17, 2022

The College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences thanks outgoing Associate Deans Allison Levine and Christian McMillan for their work during a uniquely challenging time at UVA as it welcomes the College's newest leaders.

Class of 2022: As a Tour Guide, I Learned How to Make a Big School Feel Small

May 16, 2022

Striving for connection at a big state university, Caroline Challe found that community was within her grasp. Now a fourth-year student, she shares the secret with others.

Insect Research Leads Biologist to New Insight into the Value of Social Networks

May 02, 2022

When the challenges of life as a graduate student got to be too much, Phoebe Cook, who studies the social lives of insects, set out to build a better support network for herself and for others.


UVA Launchpad

Eight-week summer program for rising second-, third- and fourth-year students. Application deadline is May 27.

Hoos Getting Ready

Summer programs for incoming first-years

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