Effective teaching and research rely in part on the availability of appropriate space and facilities, and the College is celebrating the completion of several projects as it launches several others.

After four years, the $64.5 million renovation of New Cabell Hall was completed in time last summer to serve faculty, students and staff this academic year. President Teresa Sullivan and Rector George Martin commemorated the dazzling renovation with a re-dedication ceremony on April 17.

Scaffolding Update: New Roof Slated for Old Cabell Hall
Old Cabell Hall had all of its roofing systems replaced in 2014-15.
Dan Addison / University Communications

The renovation work in Wilson Hall is well underway and is scheduled for completion in time for the upcoming fall semester. A new front entrance on the south side will face Jefferson Park Avenue, and the first and second floors will be fully renovated. Wilson Hall will house interdisciplinary departments and programs and will be home to the University’s new Census Data Institute.

To accommodate continued faculty growth and renewal, particularly in the sciences, the College has completed its precinct planning project in collaboration with the Provost, the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the School of Medicine concerning new science facilities and future coordinated renovation projects. The study identified Gilmer Hall and the Chemistry Building as the two most critical facilities in need of investment, and we are in the process of working with the state to seek funding for these projects.