Proposal Submission Guidelines

About the CEPC and its responsibilities

The Record is the definitive statement of Faculty policy and thus must accurately reflect decisions taken by the whole faculty in accordance with its by-laws. Only after Faculty approval may the Registrar include courses and degree programs in the Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record. This standing committee is charged by the Faculty to review all undergraduate and graduate curricular proposals for course changes for the various programs related to the Faculty of Arts & Sciences, and educational policies by which instruction is offered in the College.

The Dean of the Faculty appoints the members of the Committee and designates its academic chair, whose term usually runs two years. The academic chair of the CEPC determines the agenda, conducts the meetings, and presents the decisions of the Committee to the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at its next scheduled meeting. The administrative chair co-ordinates the Committee’s work, is the primary liaison with the Office of the University Registrar (UREG) and communicates the Committee’s decisions by way of the Committee website and in announcements to the Departments shortly after the meetings.

Requests for new programs and courses, course changes, and deletions of courses are first reviewed in the Department or degree program before coming to the Committee with the endorsement of the department (or program) chair or the Director of Undergraduate Programs. The Committee does not accept proposals from individual faculty members.

Proposals that originate in other schools of the University having graduate programs administered through the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences submit their proposals and requests for new courses to the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. The CEPC consists of twelve elected faculty members. Offices also represented on the CEPC include UREG, International Studies and the Provost.

The Office of the Dean of the College (Monroe Hall) and UREG have created a Handbook for the Creation and Management of Courses in Arts & Sciences. Revised in the summer 2011, the Handbook is available on the front page of the CEPC website. It contains specific information about course management, course numbering guidelines and designated numbers, and the submission of galley information for UREG.